The Piñata comes from China. Marco Polo saw in his trip how Chinese hung colorful animal figurines covered with paper and brought the idea back to Europe. The word piñata comes from the Italian word pignata that means fragile pot. The Europeans used the piñata to celebrate Lent.The first Sunday of Lent became the Piñata's Sunday.

In America the Spanish missionaries used the piñata to attract people to the church celebrations.

Religious Meaning

The Piñata original design was a ball with seven picks with a flag at the end, that symbolizes the seven capital sins. The fruits and the candies symbolize temptation.

The piñata has to be broken by someone blindfolded which symbolizes blind faith. The stick symbolizes virtue. When the Piñata is broken temptation is defeated by faith and virtue, then the ¨colacion¨ piñatas content is the prize for being a good Christian.

These Cluster Bomb pinatas relate to the collateral damage children who live in far off lands often receive when they come across these odd baubles in the dirt.

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